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Chemical Modification and Coupling Process Development

Having successfully customized tens of thousands of nucleic acid chemical modification products with hundreds of chemical modification types, RiboPharm is experienced in oligonucleic acid chemical modification and coupling process development.

● Nucleotide chemical modification: Chemical modification, preparation, purification and refining experience for hundreds of nucleoside including DNA, RNA, 2′-O-CH3, 2′-F, 2′-O-MOE, LNA, cET, and UNA.
● Terminal chemical modification: Experience in terminal chemical modification, preparation, purification and purification of amino, sulfhydryl, alkynyl, phosphorylated, cholesterol, vitamin E, and fluorophore groups.
● Backbone modification: experience in the modification and preparation of skeleton thio and methylation
● Nucleic acid coupling: The oligonucleic acid polypeptides, polysaccharides, lipids and other functional molecules are coupled with chemical reactions such as Michael addition, ‘click’ chemistry and amino coupling. 


Case 1: Enabling a university lab in China to take the lead in coupling tumor targeting peptides with siRNA nucleic acids. With this technology, the lab has published more than 5 papers with a cumulative impact factor of over 30.
Case 2: Enabling a pharmaceutical R&D institution to complete the design and coupling of aminogalactose structure and realize the targeted distribution of nucleic acid liver in animals. This technology has obtained an international patent.
Case 3: Enabling a pharmaceutical R&D institution to produce gram-grade high-purity fluorescent-labeled siRNA nucleic acid, which was successfully used in drug distribution research and reached expectation.
Case 4: Enabling an international renowned pharmaceutical company to complete the preparation of gram-level highly chemical modified analytical standard materials.
Case 5: Enabling a Chinese pharmaceutical company to complete the production of a single batch of 50 grams of cholesterol chemically modified siRNA products.

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