Oligonucleotide Manufacturing Process Development
Analytical Methods
& Stability Study
Manufacturing for Clinical Phases
Manufacturing for Commercial Phases
Preparation, aseptic filling or
Validation & Quality

Preparation, aseptic filling or lyophilization

RiboBio is building a sterile preparation workshop with automatic dosing, automated aseptic filling and packaging of nucleic acid pharmaceutical preparation products, which is in line with the GMP regulations of FDA, EMA, CFDA and other specifications in Japan and Korea. Our materials include high-quality vials, rubber stoppers and aluminum covers from leading packaging suppliers, and we provide customers with a full range of services from drug discovery, clinical research to commercial production of nucleic acid drugs.

Production Capacity: 50,000/batch

(1) Freeze-dried powder needles: Dosing and filling stoppers and glands for sterile liquid preparations and lyophilized preparations, with a proven combination of vials, rubber stoppers and aluminum caps;
(2) Preloaded needles;
(3) Pre-installed Cartilage.

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