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Cell Biology Laboratory

RiboBio has established a complete Cell Biology laboratory to conduct in-depth research from the overall level of cells, submicroscopic level, and molecular level to help you structure and function, cells in the process of nucleic acid drug development. The exploration and analysis of the laws of life activities.

Our Services

● Cell transfection efficiency test
● Cell proliferation assay – EdU (high content)
● Cell proliferation assay – EdU (flow cytometry)
● Apoptosis detection – TUNEL method (high content)
● Apoptosis detection – Caspase3 substrate reporter gene (high content)
● Apoptosis detection – Annexin V / PI staining (flow cytometry)
● Cell cycle detection (high content)
● Cell micronucleus analysis
● Toxicity study using live cardiomyocytes
● High content hepatotoxicity screening
● Cell cycle analysis using DNA staining
● Axonal growth
● Multi-dimensional apoptosis analysis
● Cell morphology classification
● Comet test
● Golgi complex destruction
● Multidimensional axon and synaptic vesicle analysis
● Cell migration assay – Platypus Oris steric hindrance method (high content)
● Cell survival test (high content)
● Flat clone formation detection (high content)
● Cell autophagy detection – immunofluorescence (high content)
● Cell autophagy detection – LC3 fusion protein (high content)
● Angiogenesis test (high content)
● Microwire skeleton detection (high content)
● Protein translocation detection (high content)
● Signal pathway activation detection-signal pathway reporter gene (high content)
● MTT cell activity assay
● MDA lipid oxidation test (enzyme labeling method)
● SOD detection (enzyme labeling method)
● Active oxygen detection (flow cytometry)
● Transwell cell migration assay
● Transwell cell invasion test
● Other cell biology experiments.

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