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High-throughput Synthesis Platform

RiboBio has an internationally advanced oligo nucleic acid high-throughput synthesis custom platform, with Asia’s leading ultra-large-scale OligoProcess 1800mmol nucleic acid synthesis platform, large-scale Oligopilot 400 nucleic acid synthesizer, Oligopilot 100 nucleic acid synthesizer, AKTAexplorer purification instrument, AKTApilot purification instrument , AKTAprocess purification instrument, ultrafiltration system, medium-sized freeze-drying equipment, automatic dosing system, purified water system and cleaning system, etc., the production center can complete the production of single batch of micrograms, hundreds of grams and kilograms of nucleic acids. The production capacity of nucleic acid raw materials reaches 100 kg/year, which can meet the needs of different stages such as scientific research and development, new drug screening, clinical drug production and commercial contract production. It also establishes a complete production monitoring and quality control platform.


● Fully automated lines: nucleic acid product synthesis, processing, and packaging automation, avoiding manual operation errors and speeding up product production efficiency.
● High-throughput capacity: Custom synthesis of more than 1000 different oligonucleic acid molecules can be completed every day.
● Strict quality standards: Advanced automated mass spectrometry equipment and professional analysis system for nucleic acid mass spectrometry, quality inspection of each product produced to ensure the correctness and integrity of the sequence.
● Fast delivery: All production and quality control processes can be completed in 6-9 working days for conventional customized products.

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