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Manufacturing for Clinical Phases
Manufacturing for Commercial Phases
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Validation & Quality

Molecular Biology & Biochemical Analysis Laboratory

RiboBio has established a complete molecular biology and biochemistry laboratory to support molecular level structure and function research, including nucleotide preparation and analysis, nuclear separation, nucleic acid extraction, PCR technology, molecular cloning technology, and protein expression. Research projects in technology, molecular marker technology, sequencing and synthetic techniques, genomics technology, proteomics technology, and bioinformatics.

Our Services

● Carrier or Vector construction
● RNA qRT-PCR detection
● RACE experiment service
● Protein expression detection
● Genomics research
● Transcriptomics research
● Epigenetic research
● Nucleic acid-protein interaction studies
● Pure sequencing (including only database + sequencing)
● SNP typing detection: Massarray and Sanger sequencing
● Bioinformatics services
● Exosomes related testing
● Fluorescence analysis
● Liquid chromatography analysis
● Mass spectrometry
● UV-visible spectroscopy
● Other molecular biology related experiments

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