Oligonucleotide Manufacturing Process Development
Analytical Methods
& Stability Study
Manufacturing for Clinical Phases
Manufacturing for Commercial Phases
Preparation, aseptic filling or
Validation & Quality

Raw Material Selection

The selection, exchange cycle and quality stability of raw materials are key to the quality of oligonucleic acid and project cycle, and are an important part of the overall quality system management. RiboPharm has established a complete quality assurance management system for raw materials and auxiliary materials:

● Strict selection of key materials: nucleoside phosphoramidite monomer, solid phase support, etc., all of which are supplied by internationally renowned partners with high-quality standards.
● Perfect internal control system and quality standards for raw materials: Raw materials like monomers are strictly controlled.
● Stable supply chain assurance system: All the original and auxiliary materials have more than two qualified suppliers to ensure stability and continuity.
● Material inspection provided by customers: Able to inspect the special nucleoside or modified phosphoramidite monomer provided by customers, and to customize the production based on customer’s materials.

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